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Start a FundMyChallenge

How Does FundMyChallenge Work?

1. Find someone who needs help, and find yourself a physical challenge.

2. Complete the "Start a FundMyChallenge" form on this page.

4. SHARE WITH EVERYONE and collect donations on your FundMyChallenge page as your promote your challenge.

5. Complete your challenge! 

6. Deliver the check to the person in need (in person if possible)

7. Take a breath, you just did something extraordinary for someone else and you challenged to make a difference. 

8. Share your Fund My Challenge experience with as many friends as possible and help us impact people everywhere!

Start a FundMyChallenge

Before completing this form, if this is too overwhelming to do right now because your situation has just happened and you don't have it figured out yet please email us, and we will respond very quickly, or call you back, and help you through this.

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